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Calcimax 500 provides, High Strength Calcium Carbonate : Which suffice increased calcium demand in pregnancy & lactation. Calcium absorption enhancers: Vitamin D, Magnesium & Lysine increases intestinal absorption of calcium by 30-40%. Essential cofactors:...
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Calcimax 500 provides,

High Strength Calcium Carbonate:

Which suffice increased calcium demand in pregnancy & lactation.

Calcium absorption enhancers:

Vitamin D, Magnesium & Lysine increases intestinal absorption of calcium by 30-40%.

Essential cofactors:

Zinc, Copper & Selenium helps to prevent various pregnancy risks like PIH & Pre-Eclampsia.


Need for all pregnancies but must in,

  • Adolescent pregnancies
  • Pregnancies after 35
  • Complicated pregnancies
  • Multiple Pregnancies
  • Pregnancy with history of poor BMD

Adolescent pregnancy

Adolescent Pregnancy is pregnancy at the age of 19 years or younger. (15-19 years).

Pregnancy of a still growing girl means an increase in nutritional requirement, not only for the growth of fetus but also for the mother herself, which leads to malnutrition leading to various pregnancy complications.

In India, the adolescent population constitutes more than one fifth (23%) of the total population

Calcium inadequacy is increased in adolescent mothers because their own Calcium requirements are high as they have not yet achieved peak bone mass.

Hence, Every Adolescent Pregnant woman needs Xtraa Calcium

Pregnancy after 35

After the age of 35, bone loss begins as part of the normal aging process.  


Women over 35 are at high risk of developing high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy.

Calcium helps to prevent bone loss during pregnancy after 35 yrs of age , when bones naturally begin to thin.

Hence, Every Pregnant woman above 35 years needs Extra Calcium

It is estimated that 52.1% of pregnant women are below 19 years and above 35 years,  Needs Xtraa Calcium than normal  (National Family Health Survey India)

Complicated pregnancy advised for bed rest

Bed rest is suggested during pregnancy to alleviate certain pregnancy complications like

  • High blood pressure which leads to pre-eclampsia, eclampsia
  • Vaginal bleeding, Premature labor
  • History of stillbirth, or premature birth
  • Poor fetal development
  • Placenta complications such as placental abruption

Substantial trabecular bone loss may occur during pregnancy, particularly in women advised bed rest.

Hence, Every Pregnant woman advised for bed rest needs Xtraa Calcium

Pregnancy with history of poor BMD

30 % of healthy Indian women have low bone mass

Women with low peak bone mass may experience the pregnancy induced osteoporosis.

Hence, Every Pregnant woman with low BMD needs Xtraa Calcium


Multiple Pregnancies

A pregnancy where two or more fetuses develop at one time in the uterus.

Women having multiple pregnancies should improve and maximize their intake of Calcium.

Hence, Every Pregnant woman having multiple pregnancies needs extra Calcium

All these conditions demand extra Calcium to preserve maternal bone mineral density and to prevent complications in Pregnancy.

Composition: Each film coated tablet contains:

Calcium Carbonate I.P 1250 mg
Elemental Calcium 500 mg
Lysine 25 mg
Magnesium 75 mg
Zinc 4 mg
Boron 1 mg
Selenium 35 mcg
Copper 1 mg
Vitamin D 200                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 Dosage: One tablet twice daily.

Calcium is a basic necessity throughout pregnancy & lactation.

  • Pregnancy and lactation represent a significant physiological stress on maternal skeletal homeostasis.
  • Approximately 30 grams of maternal calcium is lost during pregnancy and 300 mg per day during lactation.

Optimum calcium intake: NIH consensus statement,     12(4): 1-31(1994)

  • Breast fed babies of mothers with lower calcium intakes also receive less calcium.

Calcium levels in maternal milk Br.J.Nutr, 1998:79; 501-507

  • Six months of breast feeding is associated with 5.1% bone mineral density (BMD) loss.

Changes in bone density with lactation, JAMA, 1993:269;3130-3135

  • In pregnancy, demand for calcium is high (RDA – 1200mg).
  • 92% of the Indian pregnant women take low calcium in diet than RDA

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